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About Us

Our Mission

To help your business flourish by providing affordable resources in the areas of branding, marketing, protecting, and managing. 

New York City

Our Story

We noticed an information gap impacting new and small businesses. The information gap was created by high priced classes, courses, and resources causing many small businesses to "figure it out on their own." We wanted to bridge this gap and the Business Bodega was created.   

How It Works

Our Affordable Promise

Affordable business resources including courses, classes, guides, and templates. We promise all our guides will never be more than $25. All other resources will be reasonably priced to ensure small business owners and minority business owners can access the information needed to grow their business.  

Our Accessible Promise

Use technology to create courses and classes accessible to all including on demand learning and virtual classes. We promise all live events will be recorded and available for purchase and replay at a later time.

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